Google Could Let You Know When Android Devices are Nearby

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Google is said to be working on a feature that will allow Android devices to detect each others’ presence when they’re close.

Using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and presumably GPS, the innovation looks to be a new way of enabling devices to connect to each other. We assume that this could be to share content like photos, or to allow data on users to be exchanged.

However, there has been some speculation online that the feature may be an early step in the ‘internet of things’ philosophy, allowing Android devices to detect and interact with the smart devices that many tech watchers predict will soon become commonplace.

Google’s new feature is thought to be known as Nearby, and may well come as an update to the Google Play services, meaning it will be available to all users regardless of the Android version that their smartphone is running.

No launch date has been predicted yet, but with the Google I/O developers’ conference kicking-off in just a few weeks we may well know more about Nearby soon.

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