Amazon Smartphone Could be Announced on 18 June

Amazon Phone

Amazon has announced an event for 18 June in Seattle, and although it hasn’t confirmed what it’ll be showing us, it has dropped several very big hints. The first is an image on the event invitation page, which shows the edge of what appears to be a smartphone, but more intriguingly is a revealing teaser video.

Well, we say revealing, but it doesn’t actually show anything much. Instead, it shows lots of people staring at a handheld device and exclaiming how amazing “it” is. What could it be? We’ve been hearing rumours about an Amazon smartphone with a glasses-free 3D display for a while, and the video certainly indicates we’re about to see something equally innovative.

According to leaks, the screen will use four eye-tracking cameras to assess where you’re looking on the screen, and then adjust the menus accordingly, so it could reveal different information just by moving your head. It sounds very cool, and in the video, those testing it out – we think – seem to think it’s pretty great too.

Sadly, we’re not expecting the Amazon smartphone, should it be made official, to make it to the UK straight away. Like the Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon may decide to only sell the phone in America, at least for a start. This could also suggest it has reached an agreement with a local network to stock the phone.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will be hosting the event, and we’ll bring you all the news on 18 June.

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