Leaked Samsung Galaxy F Shows Possible Metal Body

Samsung Galaxy F

Rumours of a “premium” version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, named the S5 Prime, continue to spread, but have taken a slight deviation this week, after an image was leaked via the @evleaks Twitter account. It shows a Samsung phone with what looks like a metal body, but is said to be named the Galaxy F.

The Galaxy F has been rumoured for a while, even before talk of the S5 Prime came along, but the pair have always been at least vaguely linked. The leak itself isn’t very sure of itself, using words like “alleged” and “supposed.” These aren’t usually found in @evleaks vocabulary, which does suggest we may be looking at a clever fake.

If it is the Galaxy F, the phone will have a very similar look to the Galaxy S5, right down to a central camera lens and a fingerprint sensor. It’s missing the plastic, perforated rear panel though, which has been replaced by what could be a metal shell.

The smartphone industry’s idea of a premium device is to encase it in metal, something which isn’t always very easy, due to it creating problems with reception. LG, for example, has gone for a metal-look rear cover on the G3 to avoid just this problem. Without the phone in our hands, it’s impossible to say whether the Galaxy F pictured here has the same thing.

We may find out soon though, as the Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F has been rumoured for launch over the coming month.

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