Oppo Shrinks its N1 Smartphone Down, Creates the N1 Mini

Oppo N1 Mini

Oppo has made the N1 Mini official, or at least partially, and will reveal all its secrets during an event on 10 June. In the meantime, it has shared the majority of its features, so here’s what we already know about the new N1 Mini.

The big news is the swiveling camera module from the N1 has made it onto the smaller phone. What often happens when manufacturers release Mini versions of range-topping phones, is the headline feature gets removed, and it’s pleasing to see that’s not the case here. The module rotates so the rear camera is also the front camera, and vice versa.

It has 13 megapixels, and a slightly watered down version of the Super Zoom feature seen on the N1. Here, it’ll create 24 megapixel images rather than those with 50 megapixels, using some clever software-driven magic. If you’re wondering how mini the N1 Mini is, the screen measures 5-inches, which isn’t really small at all. The resolution isn’t known yet, but we’re hoping for 1080p.

The phone could come with the option of either a MediaTek or a Samsung octa-core chip, depending in which market it will be sold, and Android KitKat with Oppo’s own Color OS user interface installed over the top. Pricing and a final release date should be confirmed during the 10 June event.

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