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Anyone looking to buy a new smartphone of late will have likely heard the mention of something called 4G. It’s a big thing in the mobile world at the moment, but many people may be asking questions about exactly what it is. Here are the answers to some of the queries you may have.

What is 4G?

4G is a new type of mobile phone service that has been gradually rolling out across Britain since 2012. If you have a 4G contract, it is one of these networks that your phone will connect to, which will get you online and help transfer things from the internet like webpages, music and movies, or just to send photos to your friends.

What does it do?

4G transfers data faster than could be done over a mobile network before. With 4G’s predecessor, 3G, data speeds were always a little lacking and far slower on average than home Wi-Fi networks. With 4G, you’ll get speeds that are similar to those that you get at home.

Using 4G

How will this benefit me?

4G won’t make a big difference to some of the things that you do with your phone, but it will make a massive difference to others. For instance, if you’re connected to 4G you’ll notice little difference in how quickly you can update your Facebook status, but uploading a photo will happen a bit faster.

If you use your phone to buy music you’ll get far better download speeds than before, and if you regularly stream movies or YouTube videos you’ll find that they work with far less buffering. 4G is also really useful if you make use of cloud storage service like Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to easily back up all your data and photos in little time at all.

As a last point, it’s also worth mentioning that 4G networks have a greater range than 3G ones, meaning that more remote areas will get coverage. This also means that you’ll get a better signal when travelling, like if you’re on a train that is going through the countryside between cities. 4G simply allows you to do things faster than before, giving you more options in how you choose to use your phone.

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