Make It Rain: The Love of Money – iPhone App Review

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Prepare yourself for Make It Rain: The Love of Money, the latest viral hit game making its developers a fat pile of cash inside the iTunes App Store. It’s actually rather appropriate, because the game itself is about making a lot of money, but sadly it’s only able to be spent in game.

Does that mean Make It Rain is a complex money-management simulator, made especially for business-types with a head for numbers? No. Not even slightly.

Instead, it has more in common with Curiosity, Peter Molyneux’s tap-happy game from last year. Except there was a point to Curiosity – find out what’s inside the cube – but there is no such goal in Make It Rain. The idea is simply to make money, something done by swiping up the screen across an image of a money clip. Bank notes flutter away, and your bank roll – weirdly – increases the more you swipe.

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At first, the amount of money you swipe away is small. However, with your earnings it’s possible to invest in businesses, back political campaigns, and increase the value of the bank note you swipe aside. Each changes one aspect of the game. Making a business investment means the value of each note you swipe increases, while a financial investment changes your earnings p/second.

Even when you’re not playing the game you earn money, which is collected in a bucket that regularly needs emptying. By making political contributions, the size of the bucket can be increased, so you can go for longer periods without seeing a notification alerting you the bucket needs attention.

The more you play the game, the more money your earn, and eventually the FBI comes knocking, ready to take some of your hard-earned cash. It’s possible to bribe them, or alternatively, make sure your existing fortunes are tied up in investments, so you don’t waste too much time rebuilding your empire.

That’s about all there is to Make It Rain, it really is that basic. The control system can be mastered by anyone. It involves swiping your money off the screen as fast as possible. The faster your swipe, the more money you earn, meaning players will be easily spotted on the train. Think of it like Fruit Ninja without the need for accuracy, a quick reaction time, or any type of skill at all.

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All the investments are handled at the bottom of the screen, and require nothing more than a tap to activate. Make It Rain may deal with money, but this is a mindless arcade game, and not a complicated financial sim. Dedicated players, of which there are many, can “supercharge” their game by making some in-app purchases. This is where you’ll find the FBI bribe cards, and the chance to automatically increase your earning rate, without the need for any frantic swiping. There are a few free options, such as connecting to Facebook, which provide more modest rewards.

If you’re expecting to hear about the point of Make It Rain next, then prepare for some disappointment. Aside from making virtual cash, there isn’t any. The game has a stupidly simple control system, looks incredibly basic, has uninspiring sound effects, and is largely pointless. Therefore, it’ll probably come as a surprise to hear it’s ridiculously addictive.

It’s not just the swiping action, the swooshing sound effect, or the drive to max out your earnings p/second. It’s a combination of it all that gets you hooked. Forget the in-app purchases, the app is free to download and can be enjoyed that way too.

It’s even universal for the iPhone and the iPad, although swiping away the money felt more natural on the iPhone’s smaller display. There’s no way Make It Rain will hold your attention for long, but it’s a fun distraction while it lasts. It’s easy to see why this game is winning so many fans, and although it sounds (and is) very silly, you’ll want to try it out for yourself. Go download it now, and prepare to be engrossed for at least a couple of days.

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