LG to Launch G Flex 2 and Vu 4 in Late 2014


In an interview during the Korean launch of the G3, a team of LG executives all seemed to confirm the company is gearing up to launch the successor to the G Flex, and the forth incarnation of the unusual Vu smartphone/tablet hybrid. Although no exact date was mentioned, the two phones should make their debut before the end of this year.

LG has never sold many Vu devices outside Korea, but they do standout due to their unusual 4:3 aspect ratio screens. Sales have obviously been good enough to warrant a selection of sequels, but its position in LG’s range makes less sense following the launch of larger, more technically impressive hardware such as the G Pro 2.

The G Flex is a different story. Following an early debut in Korea, the flexible phone launched internationally, and has attracted plenty of attention. It’s all thanks to the curved body, which flexes to resist breakages, and the cool self-healing rear panel which absorbs small scratches.

Sadly, LG hasn’t provided any information on either device, leaving it down to the rumour mill to churn out the details. While the Vu 4 remains a mystery, we recently heard the G Flex 2 would come with an amazing new feature, improving on the two mentioned above.

The news was accompanied by an early 2015 launch date. The original G Flex was released in the U.S. and in the UK around January this year, so there’s a chance this is still correct.

If the G3′s history is anything to go by, expect plenty of leaks in the run up to their announcement.

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