Samsung Gear Solo Rumoured Again, This Time for Summer Release

Samsung Galaxy Gear Top

Rumours of a Samsung standalone smartwatch, which wouldn’t need a smartphone to operate, started gathering last month. Now, a report in the Wall Street Journal seems to confirm the device’s existence, and impending arrival. We’d heard the watch was currently known as the Gear Solo, but the new information doesn’t mention the name, so it may have changed.

The Solo name could be rather fitting though, as the watch could do everything your smartphone can do, but without needing it to function. That means it’ll be able to make and receive calls, send messages, and all the other features you’d expect from a phone, just worn on your wrist.

The reality of wearing a phone on your wrist hasn’t lived up to the sci-fi promise of the past, so should Samsung release the Solo, it’ll be hoping for more success than its predecessors. According to the report, Samsung is chatting with networks in the US and in Europe, attempting to secure some all-important backing.

Samsung already has a range of smartwatches for 2014, both of which run its own Tizen operating system, rather than Google’s Android. The WSJ adds the Gear Solo will also run Tizen, as the company attempts to increase the OS’s popularity, ahead of a possible phone launch later in the year.

If the Gear Solo is real, and it really is coming soon, the report says Samsung will launch the watch in June or July, with a final release coming soon afterwards.

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