More Details About the HTC M8 Prime Leaked

HTC M8 Prime

Near the beginning of May, it was rumoured HTC was planning an improved version of its HTC One (M8) smartphone, tentatively named the M8 Prime. We were treated to a few details about the device, but it did sound too good to be true.

However, phone leaker @evleaks has published more gossip about the device, in response to a spat with HTC’s senior global online communications manager. The flood of information came soon after @evleaks’ leak accuracy was called into question.

The M8 Prime is rumoured to be an expensive, high-end phone, and as such HTC may use new materials in its construction. Apparently, the phone’s chassis will be made from “a composite of aluminium and liquid silicone.” Sounds great, but we’re not sure what benefits will come from using such a material.

Following on from earlier reports, the M8 Prime is expected to use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 805 processor, and come with 3GB of RAM. The screen could measure 5.5-inches, and have a massive 2560×1440 pixel resolution. Finally, the modem may support the latest 300mbps LTE networks, where available, and the phone should run version 6.5 of HTC’s Sense user interface.

Subsequently, a press-style render of the phone showed up, although aside from a raised camera lens on the rear, the image didn’t give much away.

What we don’t know is when HTC will launch the M8 Prime, if ever. There’s talk Samsung may be about to release a similar phone, named the Galaxy S5 Prime, in response to the LG G3. The rival phones could be out by the summer, but HTC may need to wait until the autumn to announce the M8 Prime, if it wants to give the standard One (M8) a fighting chance.

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