LG Can’t Hold Back, Announces Official G3 QuickCircle Case

LG Case

Rarely is the announcement of a new smartphone case cause for celebration, but that’s not true with the LG QuickCircle case, because not only is it designed for the highly anticipated G3 smartphone, but a promo video shows the actual phone all wrapped up in its new case.

The QuickCircle case takes its name from the round window which gives an at-glance-view at what’s happening on your phone. The case has a fashionable folder-like design, but because of the little window, there’s no need to keep opening it up to check your messages.

LG says the QuickCircle case does more than just show your messages and missed calls. You’ll actually be able to place calls and send messages from it, and as demonstrated in the video, take pictures with the camera too. Other features include managing music, and seeing updates to an as-yet mystery health app. We’re expecting to hear more about this aspect when the phone is officially announced.

A clever lighting system, called Smart Lighting, sees the edge of the window glow when the phone receives a message, and when the cover is opened and closed. It looks very slick in the video. Finally, the case is compatible with Qi wireless charging systems, and LG will also release a software development kit, so future apps could make use of its features.

LG is holding an event on 27 May, where we now know the G3 will be announced, thanks to the QuickCircle’s press release, which confirms its arrival. We can’t wait, and for those of you eager to get a glimpse you can take a look at the video below.

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