How to Get Perfect Action Shots on Your Phone

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Dramatic photos of someone in a split-second, action-filled moment are some of the most exciting you’ll ever see. Whatever kind of camera you’re using, capturing this kind of shot can be very tricky indeed.

If it’s a smartphone that you have to hand, it can be even harder, but with the right tools you could end up getting a better shot than you might with a DSLR. We’re taking a quick, fast-paced look at how to get great action shots with your phone.

Samsung’s Burst Mode

Amongst the multitude of camera features that are now commonplace on high-end phones, you’ll likely find a function which takes a bunch of shots in very quick succession, ideal for action photos.

The Burst Mode that Samsung has included on several of its recent phones does exactly this, so you can take loads of shots then pick out the best frame afterward. After choosing one, you’ll be able to edit it and add effects for extra drama.

Action Nokia Smart Cam

Action Shot in Nokia Smart Cam

Nokia includes several clever features within the Smart Cam photo app on its Windows Phone devices, one of which is tailored to taking action shots. Capturing several images in quick succession, the app then lets you pick out individual frames or stitch them together in a montage, showing each stage of the drama as it happens.


A unique take on the multi-shot idea, Zoe captures a short video clip and allows you to pick out individual frames. You can film someone doing something exciting without having to worry about clicking the shutter at the right moment.

After choosing your shot, you can edit parts of the image to change what’s in the frame, removing unwanted objects that get in the way and making sure everything looks just right.

Action HTC Zoe

Fast shutter speed on Nokia Lumia 1020

While there are many apps and functions that help you to capture action shots, the more ambitious smartphone users may want to get to grips with the technical aspects of photography. If so, the Lumia 1020 offers the chance to adjust its camera’s shutter speed, amongst several other controls.

Choosing a fast shutter speed will help to capture fast-paced action and minimise the blurring that you may otherwise get on your shots. For the best results, play around with all the options and learn how the device works so you know exactly what to do at the moment you need to do it.

If you’re looking for some tranquility after following all that fast-paced action, then head out into the countryside and take a look at our tips on capturing landscape shots with your smartphone.

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