The Boyfriend Log: iPhone App Review

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Tracking every aspect of our lives is popular at the moment. Whether it’s overall fitness, the distance we run, our game scores, or as we saw recently, absolutely anything at all by using Sony’s Lifelog app; someone, somewhere wants to keep a record. This time we’re looking at a slightly different type of tracking system. It’s called The Boyfriend Log, and it’s designed to help women keep track of how their relationship is going.

The idea is the app lets you rate each day with your boyfriend, on a sliding scale from amazing down to awful, so you can slowly assess how the relationship is working out. It’s something like a virtual diary, but the developers have used a colour-coding system to make visualizing the direction of the relationship easier. An amazing day is green, and a happy day is orange. A regular, okay day is yellow, before things start going downhill with a blue sad day and a red awful day.

By answering the question “How was your relationship today” using this system, you’ll soon build up a picture of how happy your boyfriend is making you. It doesn’t stop at the colour coding system either, as it’s possible to add in specific notes about your day, and even give it a second colour rating if things improve, or get worse.

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According to the app’s creator, there’s no need to spend time in a relationship which is making you unhappy, and The Boyfriend Log helps put everything into perspective. This way you can’t make a mistake, or try to fool yourself thinking things are working out when they’re clearly not. Of course, it’s not just for the bad news, The Boyfriend Log will also make it just as obvious when things are going swimmingly.

For this type of app to work, the user will have to be relatively dedicated, because without any input, it can’t help you understand your relationship. To help you out, it’s possible to configure a reminder and set it for a certain time each day, or each week. If you’re juggling more than one relationship, the app supports an almost infinite amount of additional “journals,” which can be kept and referred back to in the future.

It’s all very easy to use. The main screen for adding the color of the day is friendly and bright, and sliding between the options is silky smooth. Two taps later and your entry is complete, or you can tap the plus sign to add another colour. The calendar view is very similar to Apple’s own, and we would have liked to see a slight variation in design. More than once I glanced at the preview screen and thought it was the standard app.

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To prevent prying eyes, the app comes with a passcode, although we’d have liked to see a less obvious icon used on the home screen. It’s quite clear what the app is, and depending on the situation, this may cause embarrassment or far worse. The development team mention the app could be used to record abusive relationships, and we’d imagine the less information available to the abuser the better. Some security apps use a generic icon and name to help obfuscate their true purpose. Maybe it would work well here.

While some men will be threatened by The Boyfriend Log’s very existence, others could see it as the “gamification” of their relationship, and try to maintain a high score each day. We quite like the idea of couples using it together, or to see a system of sharing information between it and the forthcoming Girlfriend Log app, which could make for better communication.

On the surface, The Boyfriend Log looks like just a bit of fun, but underneath, provided it’s used correctly, we can see how it could be beneficial. At £1.49 it’s not too expensive, although its feature list is quite small, but if you’re wanting to keep tabs on how your relationship is progressing without relying on your memory, it’s well worth downloading.

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