Google’s Nexus Replacement Program Rumoured to Start in Early 2015

Nexus Logo

Rumours are gathering that Google may be about to can its successful Nexus smartphone range, and replace it with a new program named Android Silver. The latest news comes through the @evleaks Twitter account, where it’s stated we’ll start hearing about Silver sometime in February 2015.

Apparently, the Android Silver devices will be smartphones which come with standard Android installed, but will be based on existing high-end devices. Previous rumours said the phones would be closer to the Google Play Edition hardware, which have so far only been released in America.

While current Google Play Edition phones are exact replicas of the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One M8, just without any manufacturer user interface installed over stock Android. The Nexus phones, although similar to other devices, have been custom built for Google.

Earlier reports said Google would choose five smartphone manufacturers to build the new Android Silver phones, and in addition to the advantages of a stock Android phone, Google may include exclusive – but so far unknown – services. It may also use the Silver phones to forge a stronger relationship with retailers, where dedicated stands inside stores may promote the phones.

Should the talk of a February 2015 debut for Android Silver be correct, will we see the Nexus 6 released before then? The Nexus 5 launched around November 2013, and should remain current until around the same time this year. It doesn’t seem likely for Google to replace the line-up just four months later.

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