Using Your Smartphone On Holiday

Phone on Holiday

Are you off to sunnier climes this summer? Or maybe you’re just taking a weekend break somewhere in the UK? Either way, you’ll be wanting to use your smartphone while you’re there. Here are our tips on getting the most out of it, and making sure you don’t end up with any unexpected bills.

Try to find free Wi-Fi

Many of you will have heard horror stories of people inadvertently spending lots of money of mobile data when they’re abroad, racking up huge bills due to overseas data charges. Avoid this by making use of free Wi-Fi networks in hotels, cafes and other public places.

However, even if you’re in the UK you can still run up your data allowance, so it’s worth keeping an eye on how much you use your apps and browser while you’re away.

Taking Photo 1020

Take photos

Smartphones are ideal for capturing holiday snaps and saving them forever. With the versatility that they can offer they are a better option than many compact cameras, and there are plenty of apps available for playing around with the results. You’ll be able to store thousands of images on your phone, making sure you’ve got plenty of memories of your time away.

Use Skype…

If you want to phone home, you could do worse than using Skype instead of your regular phone plan. Finding a Wi-Fi network then making a call over the free service will save you from running up any charges, and you could even use video calling as well.

…and WhatsApp

If you want to send those holiday snaps back home, MMS messages can cost a great deal of money. Instead, use WhatsApp, or any one of the multitude of similar messaging apps, to avoid running up your bill. To be honest, this is decent advice whether you’re on holiday or not, and can save you money every time you send a photo.

Google Maps Offline

Save maps offline

If you get lost when you’re away, Google Maps can be one of the best things to turn to find out where you are. However, online maps can run up your data bill, causing a headache when you get home.

In a handy move, Google has recently added an option to its mobile mapping app that lets you save maps offline, saving you from having to use loads of data. Download the area that you’re travelling to before you go away and you could save yourself some trouble.

For some extra tips of capturing those holiday snaps with your smartphone, take a look at our quick guide to getting the best photos while you’re away.

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