New Tablets Coming From Samsung, Event Planned for 12 June

Samsung Invitation

Samsung’s been busy with tablets this year, having announced the new Galaxy Tab Pro line at CES, and subsequently updated its entry-level Galaxy Tab 4 range earlier this month. However, it’s not finished yet, and has started sending invitations to an event set to take place in New York next month.

The invite names the event as the Galaxy Premiere, a name also used last year when the company revealed the Galaxy S4 spin-off hardware at Earls Court in London. This time, the tagline is “Tab into Color” and is accompanied  by very bright images of what looks like some very thin tablets.

We know Samsung uses the Tab name for its tablet range, so it’s relatively safe to assume we’ll be seeing a new range introduced on the day. However, exactly what it will reveal isn’t so clear cut. Rumours have been spreading of a new Galaxy Tab S range, which are said to see Samsung return to using large AMOLED displays, which could explain why it’s boasting about amazing colours already.

The resolution could be an impressive 2560×1600, which would equal that of the Galaxy Tab Pro series. What’s more, the Galaxy Tab S models may also have a fingerprint sensor, which would be a first for Samsung’s tablets.

We’ll have to wait and see whether any of this plays out, and all will be revealed on the evening of 12 June. We’ll make sure you get all the news on the day.

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