High-Spec Galaxy S5 Prime Rumoured for June Release

Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Camera Detail

Rumours continue to spread regarding a higher specification Galaxy S5 smartphone, known as the Galaxy S5 Prime, which according to the latest report will launch sometime in June. Even before the Galaxy S5 was revealed at Mobile World Congress, talk of a “premium” version could be found on the internet, and now it appears to be about to come true.

A report in the Korean media says Samsung will launch the S5 Prime around the middle of June, despite being just a few months after the S5 went on sale. How different will the specification be? If the rumours are accurate, then the screen will have a 2560×1440 pixel resolution, which is rapidly becoming the must-have feature for top-end smartphones in 2014.

This would put the S5 Prime in direct competition with the LG G3, expected to be announced at the end of May, with the same high resolution display. It seems Samsung isn’t about to let its arch rival out class it when it comes to boasting about pixel counts.

There’s still a question mark over the S5 Prime’s availability. The super high spec screen may see supplies of the phone restricted to certain regions, and like the Galaxy Round, Samsung may only release it in Korea. All this is speculation for now, and there’s still no confirmation the phone is even real. If the latest reports are correct though, we may only have a few more weeks to wait and find out for sure.

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