New LG G Pad Tablets Announced in Three Sizes

LG Tablets

LG has announced three new Android tablets, after realising “unlike smartphones, tablets are not one size fits all.” The quote comes from the CEO of LG Mobile, and accompanies a very basic press release concerning the new hardware. If you’re hoping for lots of detail, you’re going to be disappointed, as LG has only confirmed the absolute basics.

The tablets come in three sizes: 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch. LG only recently re-entered the tablet arena with the G Pad 8.3, and it has retained the G Pad family name for the new entrants. LG gave up on tablets after it failed to win many fans with the Optimus 3D and other, less technically impressive devices.

This time, it’s hoping by taking a leaf out of Samsung’s book – release lots of tablets in every screen size possible – it’ll attract a lot more attention. We’re still waiting to hear about the rest of the specs, so at the moment, the processor, screen resolution, and even the price and release date are all unknown.

LG’s installing Android as expected, plus it’ll offer Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone through the QPair app, so any incoming notifications on your phone will show up on the tablet’s screen. Additionally, the Knock Code security system will be a feature, just like on all new LG smartphones.

The company will be showing the new tablets at a tech show in Monaco this week, so we could hear some more news in the next few days.

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