Motorola Moto E Specs Leak Ahead of Announcement

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An almost complete spec list for the rumoured Motorola Moto E has been leaked by a Brazilian online store, giving a last minute peak at what the company has planned for us over the coming week. We’ve been hearing about the Moto E for a while, and it’s believed to be an even cheaper version of the popular Moto G.

What can we expect from the phone? Well, don’t be surprised that it’s not a Galaxy S5 beater. The screen is expected to measure 4.3-inches, and although the latest leak doesn’t specify the resolution, there’s a chance it’ll be 720p. Inside the phone could be a 1.2GHz, quad-core Snapdragon processor with 1GB of RAM, making it almost as powerful as the Moto G.

There could be less storage, with the rumour placing it at a low 4GB, but many users will welcome the possible addition of a microSD card slot. Finally, the Moto E should be another 3G-only phone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, plus Android 4.4 as its operating system. If Motorola follows the example which it set with the Moto G, then there probably won’t be a custom UI over the top.

Pictures showing the Moto E make it appear similar to the Moto G in shape, and indicate it’ll come in at least three colours, including black, a lemon yellow, and a striking turquoise. Motorola is holding an event in London on 13 May, where the Moto E may be announced alongside various other phones. We’ll bring you all the news on the day.

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