Microsoft to Hold Event on 20 May, New Surface Mini Tablet Possible

Surface 2

Microsoft will hold an event in New York on 20 May, and while it hasn’t provided firm details on what will be revealed, it has dropped a rather large (or should that be small) hint. According to those who have received invitations, it’s described as a “small gathering,” which when put together with the Surface branding, could mean we’re going to see the long-rumoured Surface Mini announced.

The Surface tablets which are already on sale have screens in excess of 10-inches, but the Surface Mini is expected to drop this size to around 8-inches.

Leaks suggest the Surface Mini will run Windows RT 8.1, just like the standard full-size Surface, and will come with a high quality stylus. This feature will help it standout, as few other tablets of a similar size come with such a feature. However, while the stylus is good news, the inclusion of Windows RT won’t be quite as popular.

Details on the tablet’s technical specification are very slim, but one report says Microsoft will release a cover which converts into a stand, rather than fitting one to the device itself. There’s also vague talk a second Surface tablet will be announced at the event, but there are even fewer details on this.

We’ll bring you all the details on the event at the time, and look forward to hearing whether Microsoft will bring the tablet to the UK straight away, or if it’ll make us wait.

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