HTC One Mini Sequel Press Image Leaks

HTC One M8 mini

HTC could be about to release a mini version of its brand new HTC One M8. Indicating the announcement is near, a press-style picture of the phone has been leaked by @evleaks, showing the phone’s design and a choice of three colours.

The One M8 is this year’s flagship smartphone from HTC, and it follows the HTC One from 2013. Over the year, the company released two variants of the attractive device, the One Mini and the One Max, and we’d be willing to bet we’ll see One M8 versions of them both over the coming months.

If the leaked image is genuine, and it certainly looks it, the One Mini 2 will retain much of the One M8′s style. The more rounded corners, stereo speakers, and large camera lens are all there. One difference over the old One Mini is the LED flash has been moved from above the lens to the side, as per the One M8.

The device is shown in three colours, a gunmetal grey, a silver, and a gold version. The One M8 is also available in these three hues, showing HTC is keen to create a “family” of new devices this year. The biggest difference between the One Mini 2 and the One M8 is the lack of the Duo Camera setup. There is one camera lens on the pictured phone, suggesting HTC won’t be adding the flashy new system to the baby phone.

A previous rumour said we would see the One Mini 2 launch during May, which means its official announcement could be right around the corner.

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