Twitter Testing ‘Mute’ Feature in Smartphone Apps


Twitter has been trialling a new feature in its mobile apps that could see users temporarily ‘muting’ updates from others.

The feature, which tech site The Verge says is being reported by some Twitter users, is designed for anyone who wants to silence another user’s tweets for a short period of time. One example of how it could be used is in a case where someone live tweets about a football match and another user doesn’t want to know what happens until later.

The social network already has a blocking function, allowing users to put a stop to all communication with a certain person for whatever reason they see fit. The ‘mute’ feature is thought to be a less permanent, friendlier version which may not be seen as such a dramatic move by anyone using it.

Several third party Twitter apps already have similar features, but this is the first time that the network itself has moves to make it a possibility across the service.

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