HTC One (M8) Camera Guide

HTC One M8 Back Camera

The HTC One (M8) has a truly innovative camera setup, combining the firm’s UltraPixel camera with a double lens arrangement. Known as Duo Camera, this adds to the capabilities that are already present with HTC Zoe, meaning that few handsets can match the image-altering capabilities that the Taiwanese firm’s flagship can boast.

Here’s a step-by-step to using the functions and features that are at your disposal when you fire up the HTC One (M8).

Taking a photo

The most basic, but most important function of the camera.

  • Open the camera app by tapping the icon on the homescreen
  • Line it up with whatever you want to photograph
  • Tap the camera icon on the right of the screen to capture an image
  • To see your picture, tap the thumbnail image in the top right of the display

Camera settings

You can make some fine adjustments to the way in which your images are captured.

  • Tap the three-dot icon in the bottom left of the display
  • Play around with the settings, adjusting white balance and so on
  • Further, more advanced settings can be found by tapping the cog-shaped icon, allowing you to adjust contrast, geo-tag photos and change other factors

HTC Camera


Capture moving images as well as still images.

  • To select the video function , tap the square icon in the bottom right of the display
  • Line up your shot and press the video camera-shaped icon to start recording
  • Press the same icon to stop recording
  • If you want to pause while recording, tap the pause icon in the top right of the display
  • Once you’re done, tap the thumbnail image in the top right to watch your video


One of the most eye-catching features of HTC’s suite of camera functions.

  • Tap the square icon in the bottom right of the screen and select Zoe from the menu
  • Press and hold the camera button for at least three seconds to begin recording
  • Press it again to stop, then tap the thumbnail in the top right to watch your clip
  • When playing it back, tap the double-square icon in the bottom left to edit the clip
  • Scroll through the available frames and select the one you want to edit
  • Tap edit then scroll through the available options, including:



Object Remover

  • Object Remover will highlight any unwanted things that strayed into frame while you were capturing the clip and display them in tiles at the bottom of the display
  • These are removed from the image by default, but you can add them back by tapping the tile if you want to

GIF Creator

  • Use the slider controls to scroll through the clip and select the few seconds that you want
  • Press Next to export this as an animated GIF file

Always Smile

  • Choose someone’s face from those that have been highlighted
  • Tap the face to select it
  • You will then be able to scroll that part of the image back and forth through the clip
  • Pick a moment when the person was smiling

Touch Up

  • Adjust faces
  • Flick through options
  • Add effects, adjust lighting
  • Change shape of features, such as eyes

HTC Selfie


Selfie and Dual Capture

HTC offers an easy way of taking photos of yourself.

  • Tap the square icon in the bottom right of the screen
  • Select Selfie, and the front-facing camera will activate itself
  • The camera app will find your face and highlight it with a square
  • To take a picture, tap anywhere and a countdown will begin
  • As a tip, look at the camera rather than the screen to get good shot
  • Dual capture works the same, but adds a photo from the rear-facing camera too

Pan 360

Panoramic shots can be really impressive, and HTC makes it easy to capture them from the main camera app.

  • Tap the square icon in the bottom right and select Pan 360
  • A white target icon will appear across the screen
  • Line this up with the solid white rectangle that you see in front of you
  • Wait until the white rectangle turns red
  • Move around and line the target up with the other red rectangles dotted around the display
  • Move over each in turn, then press Stop
  • A panoramic image of your surroundings will be saved to your gallery


There are a plethora of editing options available within HTC’s camera app, allowing you to do a great deal with your photos after you’ve captured them. All of these can be accessed by tapping the Edit button when viewing a photo within the camera app.


  • Select UFocus and tap an area of a photo to bring it into focus
  • The feature is great for blurring the background of photos

HTC UFocus



  • This can be used to add sketchy effects to a particular part of an image
  • Just tap through the options displayed at the bottom of the screen and see what suits the image


  • Adds seasonal effects to images, such as falling leaves
  • As you save an image, these will be superimposed on the shot

Dimension Plus

  • Both of the rear-facing camera lenses will be used to create a 3D image
  • After capturing, tilt the handset to move around the image and view it from different angles
  • Tap the 3D icon in the bottom left of the screen to change the viewing mode, so you can move around with a swipe of the finger instead


  • Select an object from the menu, such as a hat or a pair of glasses
  • It will be pasted onto the image, and you can adjust its size by dragging your finger around

Copy and paste

  • After opening one image, you’ll be asked to select another for your gallery
  • Choose one that features a person, then tap on their face to select them
  • Their image will be pasted on top of the original image
  • Move them around the photo to the position you want

Touch Up

  • Enhance people’s facial features by scrolling through the options
  • Change factors such as lighting and even alter the shape of someone’s eyes

Extra features

There are a few extra features tucked away in the HTC camera app which can be applied once you have done all your other editing.

HTC Frames


  • Choose from a number of frames to really set your shot off


  • Scroll through the available filters to find one that suits your image
  • Filters change the colouring and tone of a shot, giving it a striking appearance


  • Do things like straighten, rotate or crop an image
  • Cropping them to a square shape will make them ideal for sharing on Instagram

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