Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week


Enjoy our round-up of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed including news of the G Watch’s release, a closer look at the Galaxy K Zoom, and Foursquare’s split into two apps.

1. LG G Watch Coming in June

A new rumour regarding the LG G Watch, which is expected to be the UK’s first look at the Android Wear operating system, says the device will launch in June. The news comes from a French blog, but we’d expect it to be a Europe-wide release when it comes. It also states the price will be 200 euros, which fits in with previous estimations it will cost less than £180 in the UK.

2. Google Leak Teases Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition

A strange smartphone mash-up has appeared inside Google’s webstore. It shows a photoshopped image of a device which is half Galaxy S5 and half Galaxy S4, running stock Android 4.4. It’s listed as the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, but the picture hints Samsung will release a Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition in the near future.

3. Samsung Gives Us a Closer Look at the Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung announced the Galaxy K Zoom smartphone earlier this week, and has now released a short preview video to give us a better look at the new chassis. It’s considerably more shapely than the Galaxy S4 Zoom, without compromising on functionality. Take a look at it below.

4. HP Prepares Beats Special Edition Tablet

HP has posted a few details regarding a forthcoming special edition of its Slate 7 Extreme tablet. It’s called the Beats Special Edition, and as you’d expect, it’s going to have Beats Audio enhancements, but the finer points are still to be revealed. The spec will probably be the same as the standard version, with a 7-inch screen, a Nvidia Tegra processor, and a 5 megapixel camera.

5. Nokia Says It’s Not Like Anyone Else

Nokia has released a new, and very striking, advert for its smartphones. It debuted shortly after Microsoft confirmed the acquisition of the company had been completed. It shows a black and white world, into which walks a very brightly dressed man with a colourful Lumia smartphone. It looks great, but it’s interesting to note the lack of Nokia branding throughout.

6. Lenovo S860 Has a Massive 4000mAh Battery

Lenovo’s latest phablet, the S860, is almost ready for release, and its standout feature is the huge 4000mAh battery stuffed inside. Apparently, this is enough for 43 hours of talktime, or 40 days of standby. That’s impressive by feature phone standards, and easily trumps most modern smartphones. The device has a 5.3-inch screen, a quad-core processor, and an 8 megapixel camera. It’s going to be released in India first, but an international launch may come later.

7. Snapchat Adds Live Text and Video Chat

Snapchat, the mobile app for sending images you’d rather weren’t saved, has introduced a pair of new features. It’s now competing with the likes of WhatsApp, because users can hold live chats using both text or video inside the app. Like the pictures, these conversations will disappear when you close the window. Check out the launch video below for a look at the slick interface.

8. Foursquare Splits Into Two Apps

The popular location check-in app Foursquare will be split into two apps. The check-in side of the service will be renamed Swarm, and will concentrate on the social aspects, while the newer location discovery and recommendation engine will keep the Foursquare name. The latter will take on other apps such as Yelp, and could lose check-in options entirely. Swarm is expected to launch in the next few weeks.

9. Google Now Helps You Remember Where You Parked

A new Google Now update has added a reminder feature to help find where you parked your car. By recognizing when you leave a moving vehicle, Google Now will create a card to remind you of the car’s last location. It’s only approximate, but it’ll help if you often park on unfamiliar streets.

10. Canonical Cancels Ubuntu for Android

Not to be confused with the mobile OS Ubuntu Touch, Canonical has put the Ubuntu for Android project on hold. Rather than being a dedicated OS, Ubuntu for Android was an app which would turn a regular Android phone into an Ubuntu desktop computer when the device was plugged into a monitor. In a statement, Canonical says it’s concentrating on Ubuntu for smartphones, and not actively pushing Ubuntu for Android.

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