HTC One (M8) Guide

HTC One M8 Front Top

If you’ve chosen HTC’s flagship as your latest high-end smartphone, then you’ll want to get it up and running as soon as you can. The fantastic HTC One (M8) has a wealth of features to explore, and we’re going through the basic that will help you to set up your handset so you can dive right in.

What’s in the box?

Open up the well-designed box with its rounded edges and here’s what you’ll find inside.

  • HTC One (M8) handset
  • Rubber backplate cover
  • USB lead
  • Plug adaptor
  • Earphones
  • Ear buds
  • HTC Safety and Regulatory Guide
  • HTC End User License Agreement
  • SIM removal tool

Inserting the SIM

The M8 uses a nano SIM, smaller than the microSIM uses in many smartphones. One will be provided by your network, and here’s how to insert it.

  • You’ll find the SIM tray on the left side of the handset, near the top
  • Press the sharp end of the SIM removal tool into the small hole just above the tray
  • The tray will pop out a little. Pull it the rest of the way.
  • Insert the nanoSIM and slide the tray back into the handset

HTC One M8 Front

Set up and sign in

Once you’ve powered up the device by holding down the unlock key, you’ll have to go through a few start up options. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Select your language, English (United Kingdom) in our case
  • If given the option to choose a mobile network, select the one you mean to use
  • Choose a Wi-Fi network from the list then connect to it. You may be asked to enter a passcode
  • Turn on your mobile data
  • Sign into a Google account if you have one, or create one if you don’t
  • You’ll be given a few options of what to do with your data, such as backing it up to Google
  • Opt to back it all up if you wish
  • Enable location services
  • Select the timezone you’re in
  • Sign in to HTC account if you have one
  • If you want to use HTC Get Started you can, which will guide you through restoring your phone from HTC’s desktop software
  • Restore content from old phone or HTC backup if you wish. The handset will guide you through doing this
  • Select which apps can download data on their own, such as the Email app or Twitter. Remember that having lots of data downloading can affect your bill
  • Give your handset a name
  • Choose your screen lock method. We recommend using a PIN or pattern to unlock the device
  • Select auto backup to Google Drive to keep your data safely online
  • Opt to send feedback on how your handset is working to HTC if you wish, but you don’t have to
  • You’ll be presented with the BlinkFeed homescreen interface, and you’ll find the main homescreen with a swipe to the left

Setting up BlinkFeed

BlinkFeed is the distinctive UI feature which brings news and social updates right to the homescreen of your handset. Here’s how to get it running.

  • From the main BlinkFeed screen, select the window which says “Get started”
  • Flick through the multitude of news services and select publications and topics from which you want to receive stories
  • You can also select a number of social networks, such as Twitter and Instagram, and you’ll be prompted to sign into them
  • Skip back to the main BlinkFeed screen and swipe downwards to refresh it, bringing up all your new updates

HTC One M8 Back

Check for software updates

The HTC One (M8) comes with Android KitKat, but there’s a chance a minor software update may have been introduced by the time you get the handset. Here’s how to find out.

  • Open the app menu
  • Select Settings and scroll down to About
  • Tap Software Updates and the handset will automatically check for anything available
  • If there is an update, choose from the downloading options shown
  • Once installed, your handset will want to reboot, so let it go ahead and do this

Adding your email account

  • Open app menu and select Settings
  • Scroll to Accounts and Sync
  • Tap the plus icon in the top right
  • Select Mail and enter email account details
  • Hit Next
  • You can check email with the Mail app

Setting up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Several social network apps come pre-installed with the HTC One (M8), and others work well throughout its user interface. Here’s how to sign into them from the handset itself.

  • Open the app menu and select Settings
  • Scroll down to Accounts and Sync and select it
  • Tap the plus icon at the top right of the screen
  • Select the social network you want and enter your username and password

After signing in, each network will offer different options.

  • Twitter will ask for permission to access your account. Select Allow
  • Facebook will want to sync all the contacts from your phone, so choose whichever option you feel comfortable with

HTC One M8 Front Bottom

Making a call

  • Tap the phone icon on the homescreen
  • Type the phone number you want to call using the onscreen keypad
  • To call one of the contacts stored on your handset, swipe left and right through the interface to view them all
  • To add a new contact, tap plus icon in top right and enter a name and number
  • Press the green Call button at the bottom

Sending a text

  • Select the Messages app from the homescreen
  • To start a new message, tap the plus icon in the top right of the screen
  • Enter a phone number, or tap the head-and-shoulders icon to choose a particular contact
  • Type your message in the text box that appears onscreen
  • To send it, tap the envelope icon to the right of the text box

Downloading apps

  • Open Google Play from the homescreen
  • If you haven’t yet signed-in with a Google account, do so now
  • Browse through the lists of apps or hit the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific one
  • Tapping an app’s listing will bring up its main page
  • Free apps can be downloaded by tapping the Install option
  • For paid apps, hit the button that lists the price, but be aware that you will be charged

Uninstalling apps

There’s plenty of room to store a huge number of apps on the HTC One (M8), but maybe you’ve grown tired of some or downloaded one you didn’t really want. Here’s how to uninstall them.

  • Open the app menu, select Settings then Apps
  • Scroll through the list of apps on the handset then tap the one you want to uninstall
  • Tap the button marked Uninstall, and the app will quickly delete itself

HTC One M8 Back Camera

Taking a photo

  • Open the camera app by tapping the icon on the homescreen
  • Hold your handset up and line up your shot
  • Tap the camera symbol on the right of the display to take a picture
  • To get to grips with the HTC One (M8)’s other photo options, hit the icon in the bottom right of the display to see what’s on offer

Playing music

Much of the handset’s storage space can be filled up with music, and even more can be stored online or streamed. Here’s how to play your music library on your device.

  • Open the Google Music app
  • Tracks are listed in a grid with artwork
  • Tap an album and select a track before hitting play
  • To cue or add the track to a playlist, tap three dot icon
  • Alternatively, use HTC’s Music app

Monitoring your data usage

All that browsing online and downloading apps can put a strain on your data allowance and run up your bill. Here’s how to check how much data you’re using.

  • Open the app menu, select Settings then More and Data Usage
  • You’ll see a graph which shows how much data you’re using over time
  • Below this, a list shows exactly how much data each app on your phone has been using

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