Rumours of a Galaxy S5 Prime Start up Again

Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Camera Detail

A Korean newspaper has reignited talk of a premium version of the Galaxy S5, saying that anonymous sources have told it the device will be coming out before the summer. When the Galaxy S5 turned up on its own at Mobile World Congress, and didn’t feature a huge improvement – specs wise – over the Galaxy S4, most assumed we’d be waiting for another year for more improvements.

However, if the new report is accurate, the Galaxy S5 Prime may be made official in June. This would make the Galaxy S5 less than three months old, and potentially frustrate the millions who have already paid out for the device. Why? Because the S5 Prime has been linked with some very tasty specs.

Apparently, it’ll have a 5.2-inch display boasting a 2560×1440 pixel resolution, potentially putting it up agains the LG G3, which is rumoured to be announced around the same time. The Korean report says the processor used locally could be a new version of Samsung’s Exynos octa-core chip, which may alter to a Snapdragon processor for the international edition. Finally, it may have a metal body shell, something missing from Samsung’s Galaxy range.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Galaxy S5, then don’t hold back because of all this S5 Prime talk. It’s still only a rumour, and its one which has not only circulated for a while, but Samsung’s head of mobile has also denied such a device exists. There’s always a chance we’re hearing about an entirely different device, or one which eventually become the Galaxy Note 4.

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