EE’s 4G LTE Signal Now Covers More Than 70 Percent of the UK’s Population


EE’s 4G LTE adventure started a year and a half ago, and it has now announced the super fast data signal can be received in 200 towns around the UK. The network says this milestone means 4G coverage is now at 72 percent of the population. You can check out the complete list of towns on EE’s website, where it has just added another 13 locations to the list, enabling it to crack the magic 200 figure.

Its 200th town is Rhyl in North Wales, and if you’re wondering how EE decides when a town is 4G ready, apparently, it’s only once 80 percent of the total area is covered by a 4G LTE signal. Only then will it trumpet that it’s a “4GEE” town.

EE got the jump on its competition with 4G, beating Vodafone, O2 and Three to market, after Ofcom allowed it to re-use existing spectrum for 4G. While the other major UK networks are now offering 4G speeds, the coverage they provide isn’t quite as comprehensive. Prices across all networks also remain higher than 3G connections, and you’ll get the benefit if you have a 4G capable smartphone.

Earlier this year, EE also announced its push into LTE-Advanced, a connection which offers even faster data speeds than standard LTE. At the moment, it’s only available as a very limited trial in certain parts of London, and as with regular LTE, it only works with certain devices. A wider rollout will come later this year.

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