Google Street View Lets You See Images From the Past

Street View Main

Google has added a new feature to Street View which allows the service’s older images to be viewed in place of the most recent ones. In practice, this means users can pick a particular spot and scroll back through time, seeing how it has changed over the last few years.

After choosing a spot on the map and selecting Street View, you’ll find a very small clock icon in the top left of the screen. Click this and you’ll get a scrolling bar showing the older images arranged chronologically. Just move it back a few years and then hit the thumbnail to view a bit of history in fullscreen.

Although the feature doesn’t appear to have blanket coverage yet, there are several major landmarks pictured, such as New York City’s One World Trade Centre. However, we’ve found that browsing around the familiar sights of our local area is fascinating, seeing how it has changed in just a few years.

Once you finished your time travelling Street View adventure, take a look at some of the other impressive sights that have been covered by Google virtual-mapping service.

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