Samsung Galaxy S5 Hidden Features

Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Camera Detail

Along with the stunning 16 megapixel camera and stylish, dimpled backplate, Samsung’s flagship has some hidden tricks up its sleeve. Users are able to personalise the device in a variety of ways, changing small touches that can have a big effect overall. Here we take a look at some of the best that we’ve found.

Change UI font

A simple and easy way to give your Galaxy S5 an unusual look, Samsung’s software allows you to change the font that it uses. Just go to Settings, then Display, and tap Fonts. You can choose from a list of pre-installed options or download new ones from the online store.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fonts

Using gloves

If its cold outside and you need to wear gloves, using your phone can be very tricky indeed. Fear not, since the Galaxy S5’s touchscreen sensitivity can be increased to read your taps through fabric. Go to Settings and Display, then scroll down to Increase Touch Sensitivity and select it.

Change what the LED light does

While you’re in the Display menu, you can select LED Indicator to change what the light at the top of your handset does. Options include having it flashing when your battery is low and setting it to light up in blue when you have a missed call.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Close Apps

Close all apps

A quick trick that’s easy to miss, you can close all the apps that are open in one go. Just tap the multi-tasking button at the bottom left of your handset to bring up a list of everything that’s running, then tap the X key at the bottom right of the display.

Change the screen mode

Another hidden gem from the Display settings menu, you can choose from several different display styles. Under Screen Mode, you’ll find five options ranging from Cinema Mode to Professional Photo, with each suited to whatever you regularly do with your device.

If you’re enjoying playing around with your Galaxy S5’s finer details, take a look at our rundown of all the best features of its sofwtare platform, Android KitKat.

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