Huawei Ascend P7 Leaks Again, Comes with a 5-inch, 1080p Screen

Huawei Ascend P6 Back Camera

The Huawei Ascend P7 has leaked again. We last heard about the phone at the end of last year, when an almost complete spec list found its way on the Internet. Now, notorious phone leaker @evleaks has published a set of features.

Apparently, the Ascend P7 will have a 5-inch, 1080p screen, and be encased inside a body which looks a lot like the Ascend P6. This isn’t a bad thing, as the P6 is easily the best looking smartphone Huawei has ever made, and one of the best designs of 2013. However, we’re still hoping for a few updates to keep it looking fresh.

So far, it’s the same as the old leak, but there is one change. The processor was said to be a 1.6GHz Huawei chip, but this time around, it’s going to be one of the new 1.8GHz quad-core Huawei processors. Expect 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, and a microSD card slot. The camera on the rear should have 13 megapixels, while the front camera could have an impressive 8-megapixels.

Finally, the leak says the phone’s chassis will measure less than 7mm thick. The original Ascend P6 was super slim at 6.18mm, so we’d expect the P7 to come very close to matching it, despite the promise of a larger 2500mAh battery.

We’ve been waiting a while for the Ascend P7, and hope Huawei makes it official soon. After all, we’ve heard plenty about it, so all that’s left is to see what it looks like.

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