Get Free eBooks with Samsung’s Custom Kindle Store App

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Samsung has used its considerable influence to strike a deal with Amazon, persuading the online retailer to create a custom version of the Kindle book store specifically for Galaxy device owners. It announced the collaboration at the end of last week, and also talked about a special new promotion called Samsung Book Deals.

The new app can be downloaded from Samsung’s own app store, and is available to anyone who owns a Galaxy smartphone or tablet, which runs Android 4.0 or later. Kindle for Samsung is also to be pushed as a benefit for anyone considering buying a Galaxy S5. What makes the Samsung version better than the regular app?

This is where we come to Samsung Book Deals. Through this, you can download up to 12 free eBooks each year, from a selection of four titles selected by Amazon each month. Samsung says the books on offer will vary, but will all be “prominent titles.” The app is free to download, so this makes it great value.

Aside from the free eBooks, Kindle for Samsung provides access to 500,000 exclusive-to-Amazon books, plus the usual extensive library of novels, magazines and newspapers. It also has Whispersync built-in, so your place in each book will be remembered across all your Kindle apps and hardware.

The Kindle for Samsung app is available now in 90 countries around the world, just make sure you search for it in Samsung’s app store, and not Google Play.

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