Tips for Using My Magazine on the Samsung Galaxy S5

My Magazine Main

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 comes with an interesting addition to its user interface, the My Magazine news feed which brings stories and updates to your homescreen. The service appeared in a slightly different form on the Galaxy Note 3 and stands as a rival to the BlinkFeed interface seen on recent HTC devices.

We’re taking a look at how to get the most out of My Magazine, making sure you don’t miss out on the latest updates from the web.

Select your favourite topics

Open up My Magazine with a swipe to the right from your main homescreen, then hit the three-dot icon in the top right and select Settings. You’ll be presented with a grid of subjects, all illustrated with images to give you an insight into what they include. Simply tap the ones you are interested in and My Magazine will update your feed with your selected topics, such as Arts and Culture, Sport and Music.

My Magazine 1

Scroll through sections

Selecting a story from the main My Magazine feed brings up a page that shows the headline and a quick summary. While you can tap this information to go into the main body of the article, you can also swipe upwards to flip through other articles on the same subject, bringing up many that may not show in your main My Magazine feed.

Add social networks

You can add several major social networks to your My Magazine feed, pulling through notifications and updates to sit right next to news stories.

When you first open My Magazine, coloured tiles will appear in the feed to represent services such as Google+ and LinkedIn. Tap any one of these to sign into your account, then pull down the main feed to refresh it and see your updates appear.

My Magazine 2

Quick launch for Flipboard

My Magazine is powered by Flipboard, meaning that all of its articles and updates are pulled through from the news feed app. When you skip backward from a My Magazine story you’ll be taken to Flipboard itself, from here you can then browse around the other feeds that you have already set up.

If you haven’t yet got your hands on a Galaxy S5, you could do well to take a look at our full review of the handset to get an in depth impression of how it shapes up.

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