Samsung’s First Tizen Phone to Finally be Released Before Summer


In an interview, a Samsung executive has said the first smartphone running Tizen will be launched before the end of the second quarter this year, putting it somewhere during early summer. The exec also adds the company is working on two Tizen phones, one of which will be the flagship phone, and the other a mid-range device to help raise awareness.

If you’ve not heard of Tizen before, it’s a new smartphone operating system created by Samsung and Intel, designed to take on Google’s Android OS. However, while we’ve been hearing about Tizen for more than a year, it has suffered various delays, and has yet to launch on a phone.

However, Samsung’s new smartwatches, the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo, both use Tizen instead of Android. Many view this as a way to entice developers to the platform ahead of the eventual smartphone announcement. According to the executive, Samsung needs Tizen to represent 15 percent of its smartphone shipments, if it’s to become a success. Getting developers onboard will be essential to this, particularly as Samsung expects to make money from app sales and services.

It’s also mentioned in the interview that Samsung plans to put the Tizen phone on sale in places where the brand is already well-known, which means we could see it launch in the UK. Earlier this year, an image supposedly showing the Tizen phone leaked, whetting our appetites. Now all we have to do is wait for Samsung to announce it, which should be in the next few months, provided there are no more delays.

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