How to Redeem Your Google Play Voucher

Google Play Main

Owning an Android handset means you have hundreds of thousands of apps and games just laid out in front of you. If you’ve had a free Google Play voucher from Dialaphone, you’ll be just one step away from getting your hands on everything that is available to you.

But how do you go about redeeming your voucher so you can get on with filling your smartphone up with fantastic apps? Its very simple, and even easier when you follow the simple steps we’ve laid out below.

Create a Google account

Having a Google account gives you the opportunity to make the most of the Android platform, allowing you to sync content, back up data and download apps. If you don’t already have one you’ll be given the option to create a Google account when you start up your Android device for the first time.

It’s a simple process that sees you entering an email address and password, and one that is a real advantage for anyone using an Android smartphone. Once you’ve done that, you can go on to redeem your voucher via two different methods.

Google Play Smartphone

Using your smartphone

Open up the Google Play app, which is the hub for all Android apps and games. From the app, find the icon in the top left that looks like three short, horizontal lines.

Tap that and select ‘Redeem’ from the menu that slides out. Once you do, you’ll be prompted to enter the code from your voucher. Do so, and the amount will be added as credit to your account, so that you’ll be able to spend it on whichever apps and games you choose.

Using your computer

As well as redeeming your voucher on your smartphone, you can do it through your computer’s browser. The steps are simple, and you just need to head over to the Google Play homepage to make a start.

Google Play Desktop

Once there, click ‘Redeem’ just below the list of coloured icons on the left of the screen. Doing so brings up a box that will prompt you to enter your voucher code and, once you do, the amount will be credited to your account.

As well as apps for your smartphone, Google Play is also full of music and movies that you can download to your computer. This means you can make use of several devices at once, like watching a movie while you text your friends.

Now you’ve topped your account up with credit, you’ll be wondering what to download. For some pointers, take a look at the multitude of apps we’ve reviewed on the Dialaphone blog.

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