Amazon Smartphone Project Rumour Returns with Talk of June Announcement

Amazon Phone

It’s one of the longest running smartphone rumours, and now it’s back again. We’re talking about the Amazon smartphone, which has been discussed for several years, although most of the detailed accounts have come over the previous 12 months. The latest comes from the Wall Street Journal, where a report has indicated Amazon is preparing to announce the device in June, ready for a September launch.

According to the article, Amazon’s engineers have been testing the prototype recently, and are showing the phone to developers in America. However, the phone’s specification isn’t discussed, so we must rely on earlier reports to get an idea of how Amazon intends to push the phone.

The most intriguing possible feature is a 3D effect for the user interface, produced using four, eye-tracking cameras fitted to the front of the phone. It sounds great, but also expensive, and if we’ve learned anything about Amazon’s hardware strategy in the past, it’s that the company prefers to sell ‘em cheap. A four camera, 3D setup sounds anything but cheap, so this may be one for a future version.

If Amazon really does announce the phone in June, then release it in September, it will be forcing the phone to compete against the next iPhone, which will also certainly be revealed around the same time. Competition in the Android world is even stiffer, and most major manufacturers have announced exciting new flagship phones this year already.

The Amazon phone has so far failed to materialise, so we’ll view this latest news with scepticism until it actually makes it into the Amazon store.

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