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There are plenty of places to take the family out for a trip, be it during the summer months and school holidays or simply on a weekend when we’re lucky enough to get a run of good weather.

As in many other situations, you’ll be able to turn to your smartphone to help you out, making sure you get the best day out possible and avoid any pitfalls and problems. Here are the best apps to use while both planning your trip and when you get yourself out and about.

Google Field Trip

Field Trip

A strange but brilliant creation from the search giant, Field Trip bears little resemblance to Google’s other services. What the app does is pinpoint your location and bring up a list of notable places around you.

Refreshingly, these results aren’t commercially driven, instead being landmarks, museums and other such  interesting places. The word is that the app will eventually become a part of Google Glass, but for now it stands as a decent creation in its own right.

Around Me

Around Me

A hugely popular app that you’d do well to keep as a mainstay of your smartphone’s arsenal, Around Me offers an exhaustive list of everything that can be found nearby.

This information can be broken down into specifics, such as ATMs, petrol stations or restaurants, potentially saving you a huge amount of time. You can also save a list of your favourite locations and export directions to other mapping apps, making it easier to find your way there.

English Heritage Days Out

English Heritage

An interactive list of the 383 historic sites managed by English Heritage, this is the ideal fodder for a family day out. With location based search you’ll easily be able to find what’s nearby, or simply browse through the entire list of offerings.

To help you choose where to go, there is extensive information on pricing and opening times, along with galleries of images and travelling directions.

Days Out With Kids

Day Out With Kids

A cheerful and straightforward app that uses your location to search for nearby family-oriented attractions. The list is well stocked, and even searching within the minimum ten mile radius brings up a good number of results.

Once somewhere has caught your eye, the app gives you links to contact details and related websites, along with user reviews.

Toilet Finder

Toilet Finder

It’s an inevitability that at some point during your day out, someone is going to start complaining that they need to visit the loo. Toilet Finder does exactly what is says on the tin, offering up a list of nearby conveniences and plotting them on a map. Let’s just hope you get there in time.

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