LG G Watch Coming to the UK in July

LG G Watch

Google’s Android Wear is one of the most exciting new pieces of software we’ve seen this year, but Motorola decided to hold back the beautiful-looking Moto 360, on which the software will be installed, and will only be releasing it in America initially. 

The other watch announced with Android Wear is the LG G Watch, which according to tech site Pocket-Lint, will be coming to the UK later this year. The website managed to get some hands-on time with a non-working prototype recently, and squeezed a few answers out of a friendly LG executive at the same time.

It says the device has a premium feel, and a solid build. In the pictures, it’s shown to be slightly larger than one of Samsung’s new Gear 2 smartwatches, and of course it doesn’t feature that stunning round screen seen on the Moto 360. The body is free of hardware buttons, so the watch will be operated only by touch.

Because the watch didn’t work, there’s no information on Android Wear, but it was revealed the expected cost of the G Watch is less than £180. This is excellent news for LG and Google, because should this figure be correct, it’ll be less than the Samsung Gear 2 Neo. The only other details revealed include the news owners will be able to swap the strap over for one of their own choice.

Finally, there is some information on when the G Watch will go on sale. Apparently, we can expect it to arrive in July, although this isn’t an official date just yet, and LG hasn’t revealed any technical details about the watch at all.

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