Samsung Galaxy S5: The Critics’ View

Samsung Galaxy S5 Front

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the biggest events in the smartphone calendar this year, garnering countless column inches along with online videos and commentary. As soon as handsets became available, the tech press swarmed around them to test every feature and function that the Korean firm has introduced.


Opinions have mostly been glowing, with the Galaxy S5’s bodywork receiving particular praise. As Sam Kieldsen wrote in Stuff: “The dimpled, matte soft-touch back is much nicer to look at and hold than the faux-leather hard plastic of recent Galaxy Note phones and tablets, and the overall feeling is one of solidity and quality.”

Samsung Galaxy S5 Flap

The writer wasn’t the only one impressed by Samsung’s change in its styling, with Owen Williams of The Next Web liking Samsung’s new direction: “I was won over when I actually held the device for the first time, as opposed to seeing it in photos and renders; it’s attractive and feels nice.

“By adding these dimples and a rubbery texture to the back, Samsung manages to distract you from the fact that it’s actually just plastic.”


Samsung makes excellent displays, as has been proven with its last few flagship handsets. The Galaxy S5 is no different, offering one of the best smartphone screens we’ve ever seen. We’re not alone in this opinion, with Gizmodo Australia having gone as far as drafting Dr. Raymond Soneira from screen-testing experts Displaymate Technologies in to really put Samsung’s high-ender through its paces.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Front UI

Dr. Soneira’s praise was unequivocally glowing: “Based on our extensive Lab tests and measurements, the Galaxy S5 is the best performing smartphone display that we have ever tested.

“It has raised the bar for top display performance up by another notch — an impressive achievement for OLED technology.”


The Galaxy S5 has proved to be a winner on the early impressions that many writers have expressed. Writing for Tech Radar, Dan Seifert points to the device being an excellent step on from the range’s last iteration: “Samsung had a successful formula with the Galaxy S4, and for the most part, it looks like it has retained that with the S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Camera Detail

“Things are faster, nicer feeling, and easier to use, but it’s still a Samsung smartphone through and through, and will likely be just as successful if not more so than its predecessor.”

Finally, Nate Lanxon of Wired put it succinctly in his summary of what Samsung has done with its latest flagship: “There’s no question the S5 is an iteration on the S4, rather than a complete overhaul. But they’re all iterations in strong areas.”

So the early opinions are in, and the Galaxy S5 is loved on the whole. This is little surprise, as a high-end device such as this is likely to be hugely impressive, with the majority of its features coming across well.

Samsung’s flagship will no doubt be as well received by the public as it has been by the critics, and it looks like the Korean firm is on to another big winner with the Galaxy S5. Like the sound of the high-end handset? It’s available for pre-order from Dialaphone now.

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