HTC One (M8) Gets Special Android Version

HTC One M8 Back

HTC’s new One (M8) was announced and went on sale last week, and talk about it took up the majority of the headlines. The exciting phone has also been given special treatment over at Google, where a Google Play Edition of the device has been welcomed into its online store.

What is a Google Play Edition? It’s the HTC One (M8), but without HTC’s Sense 6.0 user interface installed, leaving only Android KitKat. The phone effectively becomes a Nexus One (M8). It’s not the first device to be modified like this, and HTC also supplied a Google Play Edition of the original HTC One.

Although Android is almost completely standard, there are one or two features which HTC and Google have agreed to include, all related to the new Duo Camera. HTC’s dual-lens setup requires special software to operate, particularly the adjustable depth of focus settings, so the UFocus function and related apps are still installed.

Otherwise, the phone is the same as usual. This means a 5-inch, 1080p display, the Snapdragon 801 processor, the gorgeous all-metal chassis, and the aforementioned UltraPixel Duo Camera. While here in the UK we can already secure our One (M8), the Google Play Edition is much harder to buy.

Like previous Google Play Edition phones, it’s only available through the U.S. store. Pre-orders have already started, but there’s no word on whether the device will be made available internationally.

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