Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week


Enjoy our round-up of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed including more HTC One (M8) news, rumours of an HTC smartwatch, and the OnePlus One announcement date.

1. HTC Confirms Wearable and Tablet Products Soon

In an interview, HTC CEO Peter Chou has said the company is working on a “wearable computing device,” which could mean a smartwatch, and a new tablet. The company is one of Google’s partners on Android Wear, so if it is working on a watch, it may use the new operating system. HTC hasn’t released a tablet for some time, but has been linked with the next Nexus device.

2. HTC Could Be Building the Next Nexus Tablet

Following from the above news, HTC has been rumoured to be back with Google, developing the next Nexus-branded tablet. The device may replace the Nexus 7, and sport a larger 8.9-inch display. If the speculation is correct, the new tablet may be out after summer, and have a high resolution display, perhaps up to 2560×1600 pixels.

3. Gary Oldman Advertises the HTC One (M8)

HTC may have employed Robert Downey Jr. to advertise the HTC One, but he’s out in favour of Gary Oldman for the One (M8). Here’s the first advert featuring the actor, who wants to tell you how great the new phone is. Except he’s not going to. HTC’s plan is for all of us to write and talk about how good it is. An internet version of “tell your friends.” Take a look at the advert below.

4. ZTE Sees Growth in 4G Phones

ZTE is expecting to increase its sales of 4G LTE phones over the coming year, to the point where they will make up 40 percent of the firm’s overall sales. This would see the number increase to 60 million phones, up from 20 million in 2013. ZTE is currently the seventh largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

5. OnePlus One Phone to Launch 23 April 

OnePlus, the new smartphone company launched late last year, has announced its first phone will be revealed on 23 April. The device, called the OnePlus One, is going to run the CyanogenMod build of Android, have a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, a Snapdragon 801 processor, and a 13 megapixel Sony camera. The design is still a secret.

6. Sony’s Interested in Android Wear

Sony’s SmartWatch 2 uses its own operating system, which could be threatened by Google’s new Android Wear OS, made specifically for wearable technology products. However, despite this, Sony has indicated it’s still open to developing products using the new software. The news came in a tweet, sent from an official Sony Xperia account, but called it “early days,” so we shouldn’t expect any announcements just yet.

7. HTC Demos the Duo Camera

This week has been all about the HTC One (M8), and one of the most exciting new features is the Duo Camera. The dual-lens camera can add depth to your photos, and the focal point can be adjusted after you’ve taken the picture. HTC has put together a video showing how it works on the phone, and you can have  look at it below.

8. Oppo Planning Mini Version of the N1?

Oppo is rumoured to be working on a smaller version of its N1 smartphone. Apparently, the phone will keep the rotating camera module which makes the full-size phone stand out, but will shrink the screen down from 5.9-inches to 5-inches. Both a 3G and a 4G version are expected, and an octa-core processor may be powering the phone. A May or June announcement is being suggested.

9. Intel Acquires Wearable Tech Brand Basis

Basis, a small startup company, produces the Basis smartwatch, a device aimed at the health conscious, which includes comprehensive sleep tracking and a heart rate monitor. It has been announced that Intel, the chip manufacturer, has acquired the company for an undisclosed amount. Intel is keen to get its chips into wearable devices, and will use Basis’ talents to produce reference hardware in the future.

10. Nokia FIT Concept Looks Amazing

How’s this for a Bluetooth earpiece replacement? It’s called the Nokia FIT, and you wear it on your finger. It allows you to take and end calls, plus it’ll alert you of any messages with a set of LED indicators. It’s waterproof and lightweight, but you will look a bit silly when you hold it up to your ear. Not that it matters, we still love this concept.

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