BlackBerry CEO Doesn’t Want Any Leaks, Says it’ll Take Action Against Them

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Leaks are part and parcel of the modern smartphone world. Fans usually love them, but most know to take them with a healthy dose of salt. Manufacturers on the other hand, don’t like them very much, as they tend to spoil the surprise. Worse, they can tip off competitors to any new innovations, taking away any advantage.

In an unexpected blog post, new BlackBerry CEO John Chen has spoken out about leaks, and not very favourably. He says it’s frustrating when “a critical and confidential project is reported in the media before we are ready to discuss it.” He goes on to call these leaks “distracting,” and “at their worst downright misleading.”

What is he planning to do about them? Well, the company is taking a stand. Chen says the firm will “take appropriate actions to prevent leaks from happening,” even if that means prosecuting people, whether they work for BlackBerry or not.

His words come on the back of just such a situation. Apparently, it’s already in the process of taking legal action against someone who “stole confidential information about a future BlackBerry product,” after they “falsely posed as an employee of a network.” Sadly, but not surprisingly, he doesn’t give us any information on the device.

Chen closes with a warning this get-tough stance on leaks means we will be seeing fewer news stories about future BlackBerry hardware, until it’s ready to share them. He recognizes these stories are “fun for our fans,” but promises the company is “committed to communicating our biggest updates” often.

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