Slightly Suspect Rumour Says Galaxy S5 Zoom Won’t Have Massive Lens Attached

S4 Zoom

Take this rumour as even more suspect than usual, as it comes from a set of handwritten notes, apparently taken during a secret Samsung presentation. Yep, we said handwritten. Anyway, the rumour talks about the Galaxy S5 Zoom, a phone we’ve already heard about recently, but adds juicy speculation it may lose the massive, sticky-out lens which made the S4 Zoom rather cumbersome.

That doesn’t mean the camera will be less potent though. It could get an upgrade to 20 megapixels, and still have a 10x optical zoom. How it will manage this without an extending lens isn’t mentioned. Samsung may also add optical image stabilization to the mix, along with a xenon flash.

Samsung may swap out the old dual-core processor and replace it with a quad-core chip running at 1.6GHz, and add 2GB of RAM, along with Android KitKat. The combination should see the S5 Zoom run smoothly, just like the standard S5. However, the previous rumour said the phone would be powered by a Samsung hexa-core chip, so the spec may not be settled just yet. Also listed under the old report was an increase in screen size to 4.8-inches, and a 720p resolution.

How accurate is this rumour, given its unusual source? Tech site GSMArena says it has verified several claims with its own sources, and found they match up. This being the case, the site feels its worth considering. If Samsung can shrink the S5 Zoom to a more manageable size, it could have a Nokia PureView contender on its hands. Apparently, we could see the S5 Zoom launch next week.

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