LG Launches its First App-Controlled Smart Light Bulb

LG Light Bulb

LG has announced its first Smart Bulb, a lightbulb controlled by an app installed on your smartphone, which challenges Phillips’ established Phillips Hue range. Made official over the weekend, the low-wattage bulbs will sip power so they’ll last for ten years before they need replacing, based on five hours usage per day.

What do the Smart Bulbs do? Using a dedicated app, which is available for both Android and iOS, the bulbs are connected to your phone using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. From here, the brightness can be adjusted, or they can be turned on and off.

There are several additional modes. The first is designed to replace an alarm, by gently raising the room lighting to wake you up, which LG says simulates the dawn light. Sounds lovely, but we’d probably only use it for a weekend nap, and not to ensure we’re up for work or to catch a flight.

Next is a security mode, where lights can be set to turn on at a particular time and in a specific room, giving the impression someone is home, even though they’re not. Less useful is a mode which flashes the lights in time to music played on your phone, which sounds like a great way to give everyone a headache. Finally, a light can be set to flash when you get an incoming call on the connected smartphone.

At the moment, LG has only announced the Smart Bulb for the Korean market, where they cost the equivalent of £20 each. We’ll have to wait and see if it sends them to the UK in the future.

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