The Best Places to Explore on Google Street View

Google Street View Main

Google’s mobile mapping software can be put to many practical uses, helping you to find exactly where you’re going and what it is you’ll find when you get there. But there’s another element to it as well, with Street View offering brilliant glimpses of some truly astounding places that many of us will never visit for real.

Here are some of the most amazing places you can take a look around using your smartphone and the Google Maps app, simply skipping to Street View when you get there.

HMS Ocelot, London

Google Street View Submarine

Take a walk around a decommissioned submarine, in one of the most fascinating sights that Google has to offer. After leaving active service in the early nineties, HMS Ocelot was preserved as a museum, which recently opened its doors to the Street View team. The cramped conditions and ageing, Cold War-era technology make for some brilliant viewing.

Dracula’s Castle, Romania

Google Street View Castle

Actually called Bran Castle, this Transylvanian landmark is often cited as the inspiration for the mountain top dwelling of Bram Stoker’s character. Street View users can tour the grounds of the castle, taking in views of the spooking building in all its glory.

Google Data Center, North Carolina

Google Street View Data Centre

Ever wondered where all that Google data is stored? Street View takes you inside one of the search giant’s data centres, giving you a glimpse of the infrastructure that powers our online lives. Essentially a drab building full of rows of hard drives, the spectacle is worth taking a look at nonetheless.

Hakone Ropeway, Japan

Google Street View Cable Car

Some of the best views available on Street View, one Google mapper took to this Japanese cable car service to capture some outstanding scenery. Featuring a perfect shot of Mount Fuji, this is the spot to take a look at some truly breathtaking scenery.

Scott’s Hut, Antarctica

Google Street View Scott's Hut

The main base of Robert Falcon Scott during his doomed expedition to the South Pole. The crude wooden shack is well-preserved, and offers a real insight into how it must have for the explorers facing a long journey across the frozen wasteland.

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