Top Four Apps that Show You What’s in the Sky


For millions of years, human beings have gazed up at the sky in wonder, amazed at what is, or could be, up there. Now your smartphone can tell you exactly what’s going on, with a few apps that colour in the massive expanse above us.

Here we take a look at some augmented reality apps that show a variety of things that are all around us but may be just a little bit hard to see.

SkyView Free

Sky View

For the stargazers amongst us, SkyView superimposes a map of the galaxies on your smartphone’s screen. Showing constellations, planets and major satellites, the information that the app gives is very comprehensive.

There is even a special red-tinted display mode for easy viewing at night, and the size at which objects are shown can be altered.

Plane Finder AR

Plane Finder AR

This is a niche app that will have a big appeal amongst a certain type of person, namely plane spotters. Hold your phone up and Plane Finder AR will track nearby aircraft, plotting their position on screen.

Working well in conjunction with the main Plane Finder app, you can find details of a plane’s altitude, destination and air speed all in one go.

Space AR

Space AR

While this app isn’t strictly augmented reality, it does a very similar job. Showing the position of countless space-borne objects including satellites, space stations and stars.

Casting a grid across your phone’s display, it can be a little difficult to then line this up with what you are looking at, but the amount of information that it gives is hard to beat.

Skye Wars

Skye Wars

A bit of fun along the same lines, Skye Wars sees you taking on alien space fleets in an AR game. Just point your phone to the sky, watch the starships appear and then shoot them down in flames.

Like the idea of waving your phone about and seeing things appear? Take a look at our rundown of the top five augmented reality apps.

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