EE CEO Says LTE-A Speeds Coming to London This Year

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Not all of us have 4G LTE coverage in the UK yet, and even those who can receive a 4G signal, don’t always have a 4G capable device. However, the gradual rollout of 4G to the nation hasn’t slowed EE down in making its network even faster. CEO Olaf Swantee recently told industry site Mobile World Live the company is in the process of bringing LTE-A to parts of London.

LTE-A, or LTE-Advanced, is one step beyond 4G in terms of speed, potentially reaching 150Mbps, which is two or three times the best theoretical speed from regular old 4G. Swantee said the new fastest network will go into operation initially in South London, before expanding out to the entire M25 area, and that in the real world, 60Mbps would be achievable.

Swantee spoke about plans at the beginning of Mobile World Congress, confirming 70 cities already had 4G speeds in the UK, and that its LTE-A early launch would come by the end of summer.

EE famously got the jump on its competitors regarding 4G LTE, after Ofcom granted it permission to reuse some of its existing spectrum for use with the new network. Others were forced to wait for the long-delayed spectrum auction before getting underway with their own high-speed data connections. With the impending rollout of LTE-A, it looks like EE will again beat the competition to the line.

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