“All New” HTC One Dual-Lens Camera Features Revealed

All New HTC One Camera

HTC can’t seem to keep a lid on rumours surrounding the forthcoming HTC One replacement. We’ve seen pictures, had a sneak peak on video, and read endless leaks regarding the specification. With only a short time before it’s officially announced, the information hasn’t stopped either.

The latest comes from tech site¬†GSMArena, which has published details on the HTC One’s dual-lens camera. Although the camera setup has been seen already, it has never been very clear what the two lenses will do. The new information comes from Australian network Telstra, or more precisely, a brochure page advertising the phone.

Potentially named the Duo Camera, it will allow snappers to adjust the depth of focus in pictures, or produce “bokeh” effects. For those who don’t know, bokeh refers to the blurring of out-of-focus areas in a picture, usually resulting in a noticeable and attractive effect.

Messing around with the depth of focus on an already taken picture is quite fashionable this year, with several major top-of-the-range phones including a similar feature, such as the LG G Pro 2 and the Galaxy S5. Nokia also produces a standalone app for its PureView phones called ReFocus.

Exactly how HTC’s dual-lens setup will differ from the software-driven features seen in the phones above isn’t clear, and unless this information also gets leaked, we’ll find out for sure on 25 March.

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