Sony’s Xperia Themes Makes it Easy to Change the Look of Your Android Phone

Sony Xperia Z2 Top UI

Want to customise your Sony Android phone? The Japanese firm thinks you do, and to make it easier, it has created Xperia Themes. This isn’t just another wallpaper app though, it’s an all-encompassing theme changer for almost the entire operating system.

It’s designed to make it simple for those of us who aren’t that techy to tweak the look of the OS. Without Xperia Themes, users have to install separate launchers, a more complicated (and sometimes frustrating) experience. After all, unlike iOS, Android can be customised, so why not do it often!

If your Xperia smartphone has received an update to Android 4.3, then the new Themes should be ready to go. You’ll find the option when you go to add widgets or change the wallpaper. Tap it and you’ll see all Sony’s usual built-in themes, but you want the “+” in the top right of the display.

Once inside this new option, which consolidates compatible themes from the Google Play store, you’re free to pick and choose an entirely new look for your phone. Sony says each theme can change up to 280 components of the OS, from the wallpaper on both the home and lock screen, to the navigation bar, buttons, and switches.

Sony’s Xperia Themes has been around for a while, but it hasn’t chosen to promote its existence until now. It’s going to continue to support the app, with updates planned for the future to add more themes. Sony demonstrates how to use Xperia Themes in the video below, showing how easy it is to switch between them.


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