This Could be the Oppo Find 7 Smartphone

Oppo Find 7

There’s a little over a week to go before Oppo officially unveils the Find 7 smartphone, but a new leak could have given us a sneak peak at the highly anticipated device. The source is a well-known design website called Liliputing¬†which suggests we’re looking at the real thing, but there’s always a chance the final product will have some differences.

Compared to the massive, quirky Oppo N1, the Find 7 is a more restrained, traditional looking smartphone. It’s not without its charm though, and a wide notification light running across the base of the device gives a cool glow, much like some older Sony hardware (such as the Xperia S) which shared a similar feature.

Looking at the back of the phone, we can see a camera lens and what could be a dual-LED flash underneath. There were rumours of the camera having 50-megapixels, but the leak states it’ll be a more modest 13-megapixels. Additionally, it says the power will come from a Snapdragon 800 processor complete with 4G LTE connectivity, the latter being a first for Oppo.

Oppo itself hasn’t been shy about sharing some details regarding the Find 7 either. Last week, it sent out a teaser picture with the strong suggestion we’ll be seeing two versions of the phone. The first should have a standard 1080p screen, while the other a far more cutting-edge 1440p display. We’re expecting the screen to measure 5.5-inches.

The official launch event takes place on 19 March in Beijing, but at this rate, we’ll know almost everything about the Find 7 before the big day.

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