Pebble App for Android Finally Updated to Version 2.0

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Good news Android-owning Pebble smartwatch wearers, you can now officially browse the new watch app store, and update your device’s firmware to version 2.0. You know, the thing iPhone owners have been doing since the beginning of February.

Yes, the Pebble team has taken the Android version of the accompanying app out of beta, putting the final version live and ready for download through Google Play. Initially expected to be released at the same time as the iOS version, Pebble hit some development problems with the Android edition, and was forced to hold it back. Now, evidently, the problems have been solved.

While some brave souls have been using the beta Android app, this is the version which us ordinary folk can enjoy. It brings access to the all-new Pebble watchapp directory, where apps designed to work on your watch can be found. Two of the most notable are Foursquare and Yelp, the former letting you check-in to locations from your watch, without the need to grab your phone and open the app.

A key benefit of the update aside from the store is the ability to view previous notifications. Before, if you missed a notification, then it was lost forever, and you’d have to check your phone. Now, under the notifications menu on the watch is a list of all recently received messages. The app also has a new look, and a locker for managing apps and watchfaces.

You can download version 2.0 from Google Play now, and installing on your phone will also update your Pebble’s firmware.

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