The Best Dialaphone Deals


A smartphone is just one of the many gadgets that you’ll no doubt have lying around the house. Many people’s digital lives now spread across several devices, with each of them working seamlessly with each other to bring the online world to you whenever and wherever you need.

So if you’re thinking of getting your hands on a new mobile, why not go further and get a couple of new pieces of kit in one go? Dialaphone has many deals that come with free gifts such as laptops, consoles, TVs and tablets, bringing you a whole range of goods in one go. We take a look at some of the best on offer.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

The power of the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer across several devices at once, the Galaxy range brings you performance, adaptability and style.

Galaxy S III Mini Front End

The smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S III Mini is a powerful, trimmed down version of one of the best handsets we’ve ever seen. Bringing the Android platform to a compact device, you’ll have a huge range of options at your fingertips.

The gift

Samsung’s brilliant tablet is something for all the family. Whether the adults need to check their emails or the kids want to play games, this conveniently sized device is suited to every purpose.

Nokia Lumia 520 with Xbox One and Forza 5

A feast of Microsoft’s creations, you’ll get a Windows Phone device alongside one of the world’s leading games consoles.

The smartphone

Nokia’s distinctive design brings the beautiful Windows Phone platform to a practical package. With Microsoft’s platform you’ll get constant updates and notifications right when you need them, so you’re never out of the loop.

Nokia Lumia 520

The gift

Pushing the gaming experience even further, the XBox One puts most other consoles in their place. Coming bundles with Forza 5, you’ll find yourself outpacing the competition in every single way.

Motorola Moto G with 42-inch LG Plasma TV

From the big screen to the small screen, this package brings you convenience when you’re out and performance when at home.

The smartphone

Motorola’s Moto G is one of the best Android devices we’ve ever used, packing up-to-date software into a brilliant, stylish form factor. With fast performance and the full suite of Android apps, this is one of the best handsets you can get.

Motorola Moto G Edge

The gift

LG’s plasma TV is like having a cinema set up in your home, with high-quality visuals full of colour and depth. Ideal for fast action sport events or high-res movies, LG’s viewing experience is amongst the best you’ll ever see.

Nokia Lumia 620 with HP 250 G1 Laptop

Perfect for work or play, combining a Nokia handset with a Windows laptop puts your data and information right where you need it to be.

The smartphone

Nokia’s outstanding design is the perfect vehicle for Windows Phone, with the beautiful Live Tiles interface making everything easy to get to. You’ll never be out of the loop with constant updates and information brought to you as you go about your life.

Nokia Lumia 620 Front

The gift

What you see on your smartphone will be mirrored on your laptop with Windows 8 on Hp’s powerful PC. When you need to get to truly get to grip with things, the switch between smartphone and computer is so seamless you’ll barely know its happened.

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